Health organizations, agencies and governments that have reviewed the evidence on tobacco harm reduction

This summer, a thunderclap broke out in the world of vaping following mysterious lung diseases identified in vapers. Finally, these many cases of pneumopathies have been associated with the misuse of e-cigarettes in the United States. Analyses conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have confirmed the role of vitamin E acetate, an oil found in contraband cannabis cartridges. As a result, the general public is the victim of fake news mainly from North America.

However, there are many studies that prove that the electronic cigarette is an excellent way to quit smoking. Here’s a list about health organizations, agencies and governments that have reviewed the evidence on tobacco harm reduction :

In France, equipment and e-liquids under control

In France, some organizations, health organizations, and governments have reviewed scientific data on vaping and have developed a positive positioning. Why would the same data lead to a restrictive use, prohibition or prohibition elsewhere? The EVALI crisis, the CDV and the FDA could be to blame. Crivape would like to inform you about the positioning of these different French health organizations regarding electronic cigarettes.

– Haute Autorité de Santé :
In France, the HAS (High Authority of Health) which issues recommendations of good practice for doctors has positioned itself for a tolerance to e-cigarette as part of a withdrawal Since 2016, the HAS considers it “as an aid to stop or reduce tobacco consumption of smokers”.

– Santé Publique France :
Santé publique France is one of the few organizations that regularly meets with the vape industry, alongside the Economic, Social and Environmental Council and a French constitutional assembly composed of social representatives. In a very comprehensive report published in 2019 on e-cigarettes in France, the Agence Santé Publique announced that electronic cigarettes have helped some 700,000 daily smokers put an end to their addiction. While the number of smokers continues to decline, the number of vapers continues to increase.

– Société Francophone de Tabacologie & Société de Pneumologie de Langue Française :
These two entities, in a press release published on the website of the Société Francophone de Tabacologie, present “information on electronic cigarettes used to help people quit smoking” for the 2019 Tobacco Free Month. They claim that electronic cigarette emissions contain fewer toxic substances than tobacco smoke. They refer in particular to certain results of the French Public Health Barometer which state that data collected after the 2016 No Tobacco Month show that the electronic cigarette is by far the most widely used product in the cessation of tobacco use with aid, 27% against 18% for nicotine substitutes and 10% for the use of health professionals.

– L’Académie Nationale de Médecine :
L’académie Nationale de Médecine (The National Academy of Medicine) warns that we must not make mistakes with the enemy! In a press release issued on 6 December last, the National Academy of Medicine recalled the proven advantages and unduly alleged disadvantages of the electronic cigarette: “It is established that the vapor is less dangerous than the cigarette: as the National Academy of Medicine indicated in 2015, it is therefore preferable for a smoker to vape. In France, many smokers who were about to switch from tobacco to vaporette should not hesitate, since HAS has made it a useful product when quitting smoking and has proved its worth. »

– Fédération Française d’Addictologie :
Jean-Michel Delille, psychiatrist and president of the Fédération Française d’Addictologie (French Federation of Addictology), did not hesitate to come back on numerous occasions to the real reasons that caused the mysterious pulmonary problems to vapers in the United States: among others, the inhalation of cannabis oil. He also states that the electronic cigarette is one of the main causes of the decline in smoking in France, and a fortiori “the best tool available in terms of reducing the risks associated with tobacco use.

– Observatoire Français des Drogues et Toxicomanie :
As early as 2013, the OFDT (French Observatory for Drugs and Drug Addiction) attributed the decline in sales of traditional cigarettes to the combination of rising cigarette prices and the rise of the electronic cigarette. With regard to the famous “bridging effect” of the electronic cigarette towards tobacco, Stanislas Pika, head of the survey and statistical analysis unit at the OFDT, states that “The French data, today, do not support the hypothesis that the electronic cigarette is an entry point towards smoking”.

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